Good Morning World! So happy its the weekend.. woke up made a yummy breakfast for the little guy and I and got him to school this morning.. Doing odds and ends today.. my plan is to get my whole To-do list accomplished for the day including a quick workout.. I have SUCH A URGE TO RUN OUTSIDE! Why must it be soo darn cold out? :-\ I think at this point I would take on a 90+ degree humid Minnesota day over this lol as much as I love the snow and winter beauty.. Mother nature over-did it with the deep freeze lol. Maybe I will attempt it.. but I cannot find my face protector… So I recently found a new rock band I like called In this moment (ever heard of it?).. Great band.. so melodic yet bad ass lol..

Anyway- here’s to an awesome Saturday!!

Also- I was on Facebook and Tori posted something I felt passionate about adding to as well and a message to everyone having a hard time battling losing weight and getting fit.. She really spoke it and I have a little to add..

The picture from Biggest loser is NOT what you should be goaling for.. This girl dropped way too fast in such a short amount of time.. which is sad.. We all get discouraged.. have set-backs and losing weight and staying fit can be a uphill battle at times depending on our circumstances.. Ultimate goal: NEVER give up.. its important that while on this continual journey you develop self-love for yourself (put good things in your body, treat it like a castle.. bc you deserve it!..)… I helped a couple friends over the years fight eating disorders and celebrating triumphs with them as they battled them.. each milestone was awesome.. Please remind yourselves you all are beautiful, amazing hard working men and woman.. When losing weight please remember to do it out of love for yourself and keep the ultimate goal of “Being Healthy” in your sights.

That’s all I have hehe.. Have a good day all! Enjoy your workouts, look in the mirror and realize how far you have come along, and how awesome and beautiful you all are:-)

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